You lean on a balcony or terrace, intoxicated by the perfume of the sea, you are offered at a glance a vista, intensely blue, infused between a limpid and crystalline sky. In the morning, you can hear the melodious and sublime song of the birds, accompanied by the hushed roll of the gentle surf. The warm, glistening sunbeams caress your skin, and all things are renewed… These are the sensations most frequently recalled from a stay in Conca dei Marini, a small village in the heart of the Almafi coast.

Rising in places up to four hundred meter high, the village skirts the sea for almost three kilometers: that’s enough to catch the eye and touch the heart of all who travel between Amalfi and Positano.

Its habitat is not concentrated, like other villages of the “Costiera”, in the shrubs or hollows of a valley, but is spread out between the hills, cherished by the sun and bathed by the sea. The houses (white washed with lime according to the architectural tradition), are scattered amongst the green of vegetable gardens, lemon trees, and silver-plated olive groves.

The discreet charm of the village lies in its small churches, its narrow terraced hillsides, and the multiple panoramas offered by the gracious interlacing of small mule tracks and narrow staircases connect all the houses. From the sea, it all resembles a large book of illustrated history spread over the lectern of the hills, inhabited by the peace and silence of nature.

Many are the famous visitors who experienced a feeling of infinity, who perceived divine presence in pacing the paths and dwelling of this pearl of the “Costiera”. The village owes its name to an old marine business, rich in adventures, ships and sails, storms, shipwrecks, but also of a great knowledge of the sea.